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Hello and a very warm welcome in the world of AddNat

In case you haven´t heard anything from AddNat, you will ask yourself, what is AddNat?

To make a long story short, are you knowing one of these situations below.

  1. A friend has moved. What´s his new address, his phone number etc.?
  2. Your smartphone has been stolen, damaged or was missed. You have bought a new or additional one. How do you get your contacts, private data etc. on your new smartphone?
  3. You want to use WIFI access at your friends home. This friend is trusting you, but will not reveal his WIFI security settings.
  4. You have to change your bank account. Now your are asking yourself the IBAN and BIC of your account?

With AddNat is all of that a peace of cakel and many many more !!!

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AddNat App for Android™ AddNat Services for Windows Channellist for VDR AddNat Phonebook for Fritzbox

Reasons to use AddNat

AddNat is the first offerer, who gives you the opportunity to control your data and devices in spite of the fact that you have given it to others!

Here you will find many more reasons why you should join AddNat.

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