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Here are some really good reasons for joining AddNat

  1. No more time consuming administration of your address book. Passive updates are run whenever they are applicable.
  2. No analysis of your data for commercial reasons by AddNat. Stop the collecting of your private data.
  3. Made in Germany. German developers, German maximum security and high performance data processing center. Your data is securely stored according to strict German Data Protection Act.
  4. Simultaneously use of your address book on different systems at same time
  5. Most current data ever
  6. Changing your data only once (advantages on e.g. changing location, company, bank account or your private data)
  7. Distributing your WIFI data without the usual transfer of your passwords
  8. Always the same procedure of changing AddCards
  9. Never losing control of your data - even you have passed it to third persons
  10. Always able to withdraw your AddCards
  11. More data privacy for all citizens
  12. Effectively fight against Stalking
  13. No more disaster of your contact data
  14. Internet based rights management with AddNat licenses (e.g. Softwarelicense, badge, Image license etc.)
  15. Significant cost and time saving
  16. Using open webservices to integrate your own systems, e.g. HR and CRM Integration
  17. Minimal effort for registration your devices and services with full control
  18. Anonymous registration of devices and services possible. That means, no more spying out of your AddNat credentials possible.


AddNat App for Android™ AddNat Services for Windows Channellist for VDR AddNat Phonebook for Fritzbox

Reasons to use AddNat

AddNat is the first offerer, who gives you the opportunity to control your data and devices in spite of the fact that you have given it to others!

Here you will find many more reasons why you should join AddNat.

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