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Potentialities of AddNat

The use of addnatable products will be very simplified. In short I want to explain this with an addnatable TV. With an addnatable TV it becomes more or less unimportant which company has produced it. Only important is that you know, on which channel should be which broadcaster.

Otherwise it´s unimportant, how you sort the broadcaster, how to scan for the channels, if there are updates, how to get access to internet, etc.

That means for custormers of addnatable products, that they have only to grant access to their AddNat accounts and made a minimum of decisions. The rest is done by your device itself.

With addnatable products this all becomes easy, safe and really fast!

You want to addnatfy your products and ask yourself, how you can achieve that - then don´t hesitate to contact us. We will help you to get further!

Shortly you will get API documentation for developers, so you will be able to develop your own applications and to sell it.


AddNat App for Android™ AddNat Services for Windows Channellist for VDR AddNat Phonebook for Fritzbox

Reasons to use AddNat

AddNat is the first offerer, who gives you the opportunity to control your data and devices in spite of the fact that you have given it to others!

Here you will find many more reasons why you should join AddNat.

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