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AddNat App for Android™

Take your AddNat contacts on your way with the AddNat App. Furthermore you can response to your AddNat requests and you are able to import and remove your AddNat contacts to Android.

You will be informed about important events via push messages, like e.g. the activation of your selling offer in our CTX Exchanger and about other incoming requests. Don´t hasitate, to check it out by yourself...

System Requirements:

  • Smartphone or table with at least Android 2.2
  • You need internet access to AddNat for "AddNat App for Android" to use all offered features.


AddNat App for Android™ AddNat Services for Windows Channellist for VDR AddNat Phonebook for Fritzbox

Reasons to use AddNat

AddNat is the first offerer, who gives you the opportunity to control your data and devices in spite of the fact that you have given it to others!

Here you will find many more reasons why you should join AddNat.

More reasons...


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