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Hello and welcome to the world of AddNat!

Let me introduce you to AddNat which is run by an innovative team of specialists who are completely dedicated to find solutions that enables people to protect and control their own personal data and devices.

AddNat's spirit came to life by Juergen Lenzen, creator and founder of AddNat, in 2011. The keynote at that time was to create a possibility of self-determined access and control of personal data flow. Due to reasonable concerns AddNat wants to empower data propertyship and limit the usage of data ownership. Just because a person once was given the right of ownership does not necessarily mean that this ownership is equal to propertyship. AddNat provides tools to accomplish all rights of propertyship.

The most important aspect is that each individual person maintains control over her/his own personal date even though this data has already been transferred to third parties.

Name, address, mobile phone but also bank account, SEPA, credit card information are just a few examples of data that is used and exchanged on a daily basis. That is how the initial idea of AddNat was born. The name "AddNat" is a combination of the words Address and Nation.

Here at AddNat it is all about you. You are in charge and control of your own personal data and devices. You grant, deny or withdraw access. No other than you is in the driver seat!

What's yours, is yours!

This is not just a slogan or an advertising compaign is the value that is deeply anchored in AddNat's core principles.


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Reasons to use AddNat

AddNat is the first offerer, who gives you the opportunity to control your data and devices in spite of the fact that you have given it to others!

Here you will find many more reasons why you should join AddNat.

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